Unique, modern and hygienic. Complements any modern interior and prevents viral cross contamination with touchless, automatic sensor operation.

Reliable engineering. Solid metal construction and a clog proof, easy-fill dispensing system. The perfect dispenser for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and offices.

Multi functional. Includes a digital clock, temperature display, battery and hand sanitiser level warnings. Dual motion sensors prevent accidental activation.

Save money, without the need to purchase expensive sanitiser cartridges. anti Cube dispensers can be used with any hand sanitiser, soap, washing up liquid or lotion. Use with anti eco sanitiser refills for optimum performance.

Versatile design.  anti Cube dispensers can be free standing or wall mounted, as well as battery or USB powered. The silicone non-drip valve and metal drip tray* prevent messy soap and sanitiser spillages. 

*Metal stands can be converted to wall mounted drip trays.