What are the benefits of a reusable bottle?

The consumption of single use plastics has sky-rocketed in the past year, with many of us buying single use sanitiser bottles for our everyday use. With frequent hand sanitising now the everyday norm, it’s important to try and reduce our use of these throwaway products.

Not only are single use sanitiser bottles harmful to the environment - but they pose the risk of leaking in your bag or pocket. Anti Roams combat both of these issues in a sleek, stylish and eco-friendly package.

The Roams also double up as an airline approved container for your toiletries – we think that’s a win-win.

What material are the Anti Roams made from?

Our premium Roam bottles are made from high-grade aluminium. They have a twist-lock, non-leak cap to ensure no spillages whilst you’re on the move.

How how much product do the Roams hold?

The Roams come in two sizes – 20ml and 30ml. Our 30ml Roam comes in two colours – silver and black, and the 20ml style comes in black.

We chose these sizes to ensure that the Roams are ‘pocket-sized’ and as compact and portable as possible.

Do the Roams come empty, or filled with product?

As the Roams are extremely versatile and can hold a range of products such as hand sanitiser, hand lotion, soap and moisturiser – they arrive empty upon purchase.

Can I get my Roam personalised?

You sure can! Get in touch with us to receive our brochure, and one of our friendly customer service team will contact you to discuss our business personalisation options.

How often will I need to replace my Anti Roam?

With our sustainable goal in mind, Anti Roams are built to last. Built to last so long in fact, that we create them to last a lifetime.